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Tajweed is the most important step to teach before moving to the learning phase of the Quran. In tajweed, you will learn how to pronounce the letters in the Quran correctly. You will know how to take out the right sound from your mouth.
Do you know that tajweed means to make it better? Therefore, you will be learning how to read the Quran with a basic understanding. In the course, you will have certain rules of tajweed to follow according to Islam’s right perspective. Moreover, the students will be given assignments, so they can properly learn the tajweed at minimal possible timing.

Quran Translation & Explanation

Quran translation and explanation play a crucial role in helping individuals understand and derive meaning from the divine text. The Quran, written in classical Arabic, may present challenges for those who are not proficient in the language. Translations provide access to the teachings of the Quran in various languages, allowing a broader audience to engage with its message. Moreover, Quranic explanations, often found in Tafsir literature, delve deeper into the context, historical background, and intended interpretations of verses. They help readers gain a more comprehensive understanding of the Quran’s teachings, its moral guidance, and its relevance to contemporary life. Quran translation and explanation serve as invaluable resources in promoting knowledge, reflection, and spiritual growth for individuals seeking to connect with the profound wisdom contained within the sacred text.