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Professional Cooking Class For Senior Chefs

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I will guide you through a menu that is designed for you, and together we will transform recipe instructions from the page to a delicious real life extravaganza!

By learning to cook – rather than reading recipes – you’ll become a natural at substituting one ingredient or piece of equipment for another. I come to you and teach you to make the most of your kitchen, no matter what size it is or how much equipment you have, unlike cooking classes held in fancy schmancy professional kitchens.

When you sign up for a Kitchen Coaching session, you will select a classic menu from the suggested options. That is, unless you are working towards a specific goal or health issue, in which case modifications are in order.

Whatever you decide to make, whether it’s sushi or pasta, the food will be a starting point from which you can jump into the wonderful world of intuitive cooking.

I will arrive at your house with all the necessary groceries and recipes, and together we’ll set off on a kitchen adventure. By the time I leave your (cleaned-up) kitchen, you’ll be excited about cooking!

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